Beocenter 8000, 8500, 9000, 9300, 9500

Beocenter 8000, 8500, 9000, 9300, 9500
  • Beocenter 8000 2x40W was made 1992-93 and was the low budget version in the series without power link or multi room features. (Beolink 1000)
  • Beoenter 8500 2x40W was made 1989-92 and has multi room features and power link but no timer and only one-way remote controll (Beolink 1000).
  • Beocenter 9000, 2x30W, was made 1986-90
  • Beocenter 9300, 2x80W, 1994-2000 was made after B&O decided to dropp the two way remote system as a successor to Beocenter 9500. This is the only Beocenter with sensors for the door position. The internal of Beocenter 9300 is more similiar to Beosound Oveture than to the other Beocenter in the serie.
  • Beocenter 9500 1989-93 2x40W is the top of the line with full two-way remote and multi room.

We provide selcted and tested spareparts for Beocenter 8000, 8500, 9000, 9300 and 9500. If you can't find the part you are looking for then please send a request through the contact form.

Repair hints:

WARNING:The two folded tape keeping the glass panels in place usually age. When opening a Beocenter the glass panel may fall out and brake. We therefore advice to check that the two panels and secure them with a pice of tape on each side before turning, transporting or, opening the unit in service position.

  • If one or more touch buttons dont work then the glass panel is usually loose.
  • The belts in the cassette recorder and the two belts for opening the doors should usually be replaced.
  • Beocenter 9500 displays a fault code when the backup battery is empty. After replacing it press 1271 and reconnect the mains after a few seconds to reset the error code. Our battery holder suits the CPU board and makes it easier to change battery next time.

Last firmware versions:

  • Beocenter 8500: ver 1.2.
  • Beocenter 9000: ver 2.4.
  • Beocenter 9300: ver 1.4.
  • Beocenter 9500: ver 1.5.

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