Beomaster 6000 4 channel 1970'th

The Beomaster 6000 4 channel was made 1975-78. We select and provide spare parts for Beomaster 6000.

Service hints:

  • Check that the amplifier board (11) is not bent towards the metal shield (this could short circuit the board and brek the amlifiers). Preferably, add some isoltion between the board and the metal shield.
  • The no signal current is adjusted to 7.3mV for each channel.
  • Our 14V 40mA solder lamps replace the FM channel lamps. The other scale lamps is mounted in series two and two in holders and could be replaced by our 12V 100mA lamps.
  • The drive belts could be replaced without loosing the potentiometers. But the indicator belts must be removed and the drive shaft has to be taken out to the left side. Check the that the drive coupling to the motor is ok or replace it with a short hose.
  • After replacing the drive belts, check that the three black earth connections going to the right side of the belt unit to a point under the left side of the FM scale has not become loose. (If they are then you will only get noice to the speakers).

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